Loving You:Chopard Replica Watches's Lovers on a Bridge Backs

Chopard Replica Watches

The global launch of Chopard Replica Watches' second Poetry of Time collection (not a one-off) was last week. Nine references to Lovers on a Bridge were presented by the brand, as well as additional dial executions to support a series on the Extraordinary Dials. (More to come).

Nicolas Luchsinger (President of Chopard Replica Watches APAC), stated that the Lovers on a Bridge was one of the most popular Poetic Complications in Chopard Replica Watches' history and that it surprised the brand.Patek Philippe Replica Watches He pointed out that the watch is more than 130,000 euros. We still have people asking about the watch and the long wait list convinced us that it was worth making a bigger product.

Christie's auctioned the original Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux, 18K white gold. Image courtesy Christie's.

Many of Chopard Replica Watches’s Poetic Complications were fueled over the years by Agenhor. Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, the founder of Agenhor is widely regarded as the master of retrograde displays and memory modules.Chopard Replica Watches Chopard Replica Watches's R&D department explained that "we have been working with Jean Marc since the beginning of Poetic Complications. It would be a pity if this relationship didn't continue." We are now working with his sons who helped us develop this new movement.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht was the brilliant founder of Agenhor.Omega Replica Watches His sons Nicolas, Laurent and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht are the current owners of Agenhor. Revolution.