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The gear's speed is controlled by a weighted wheel at its end. The hands are controlled by two heart cams, which control their movement. The heart cams are able to work at a speed of 10 seconds due to the rate of rotation on the regulator. However, the standard movement takes around 3 minutes.

The Agenhor module developed for Pont des Amoureux 2019. The Pont des Amoureux 2019 module by Agenhor. Johann Sauty.

The three gear systems can be triggered independently,Omega Constellation Replica so you can use them all. It will only work once if you trigger it multiple times. It is meant to be child-proof.

The Pont des Amoureux 2019 on-demand operation's gear train features a column-wheel-like all-or-nothing and lever-spring (not pictured), which control the motion of the hands. The regulator wheel can be seen at the top of this gear train in golden. Johann Sauty.

A World of Enamel

The workshop is located on two floors that used to be the Roger Dubuis workshop before Richemont bought it. The lower level is dedicated enameling and movement design. This is also where Richemont's new/old grisaille technique was developed. Van Cleef had previously worked with Dominique Baron. However, Richemont acquired her studio and incorporated the craftsmen from Baron's firm into their workshop.

Miniature painting on the Pont des Amoureux Fall dial. Johann Sauty.

Artists work here on micro-painting as well as various enameling techniques. This is both for Van Cleef, but also for other brands from the Richemont group (which makes perfect sense). Zenith Replica Watches employs 20 enamellers,panerai radiomir replica making it one of the most impressive studios we have ever seen. It produces many different enamel arts, including micro-painting, grisaille, cloisonne and champleve. Each dial takes 40-150 hours to make.

On the top floor, watchmakers put together the watches from the Poetic Complications Series. They showed us how they develop watches in a non-sequential manner and showed us their small testing facility.

It develops the dials and cases simultaneously,Zenith Replica Watches from the initial idea to the final product. Although it takes 5-6 years to create a watch, this process has produced excellent results for the brand. This is evident in the Pont des Amoureux series.